Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Vision

A number of years ago I awoke from a night time dream that I had built a retreat center called "Sister Star". That dream was the beginning of the vision that has become the Bamboo House at Hokule'a Retreat. Hokule'a is the sacred star of Hawaii and those who sailed the ocean used this star to navigate back home to the Islands.

I envisioned an eco-green retreat that would be in harmony with the earth and the natural beauty of Hawaii. I wanted to honor the land on which it was built, as well as the Hawaiian Islands and the people who have lived here.

My desire is to create a healing retreat center and wonderful vacation getaway that allows for a little more solitude than the normal vacation home in a truly natural setting.

By many synchronistic events, collaborations with amazing like-minded people, open doorways and leaps of faith; the Bamboo House at Hokule'a Retreat has come into being from that first dream many years ago.

Aloha, Catherine

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