Thursday, April 29, 2010

OPEN HOUSE Sunday, April 24, 2010

David Sands, the architect of the bamboo house, flew in from Maui, to be at the open house held this past Saturday. Josi Hanson, Cachia Hanson and Scott Parks, the builders of the bamboo houses, were on hand as well to greet guests and answer questions about the design and building of the wonderful bamboo hales. We had close to a 100 people show up for the open house, and many expressed genuine interest in possibly building one of their own bamboo houses.

Picture by Josi Hanson

Visitors absolutely LOVE the lanais, musing on how they could spend a whole afternoon hanging out on them! People also love the bamboo cabinets and flooring, and the special, one-of-a-kind feel of the place.

Picture by Josi Hanson

It brings a big smile for me when kids walk in to the house. They have an instant "whoa cool" response to the home. They seem to delight in the "Harry Potter closet" under the stairs leading to the loft, and the "little people" closet up in the loft. We can all relate to secret places and forts from when we were kids.

We had guests come from as far away as Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Carolina. A couple of old basset hounds showed up as well... hard to guess what they thought.

Great weather, nice people and a beautiful day made for a wonderful open house! Will keep you posted on future open houses.

Aloha, Catherine

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