Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Bio

Hi, I am Catherine Ridder, the owner of the Bamboo House at Hokule'a Retreat. I live in Altadena, CA and work in Pasadena, CA as a licensed marriage and family therapist. I have had my own private practice for the last 23 years. I am also a certified massage therapist, practice yoga and facilitate women's rituals and retreats.

I am a wilderness lover and engage in adventures of all sorts.

Hokulea Retreat started out as a night time dream I had several years ago. I dreamt that I had created a healing retreat center and it was called "sister star" in the dream. This beautiful bamboo home is the fulfillment of that dream. I named it Hokulea after the sacred star of gladness, "Hokulea", in Hawaiian culture. Hokulea was the star the ancient Polynesians navigated home to Hawaii with. These 5 acres are part of the vision of a green home in harmony with nature, ecologically sensitive with rain catchment and solar system, and filled with all manner of edible delights. Many fruit trees have been planted and landscaping continues as we create the beauty of a paradise garden. Enjoy!

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