Friday, October 4, 2013

New Pictures of the beautiful bamboo house and landscaping

The landscaping is coming along beautifully and the house is just such a retreat of solace and peacefulness. I love hanging out here and feel so re-energized. Each time I am here I am more and more aware of the power and healing quality of the air, water, earth and fire that this land holds. The cleanest air on the planet, the deep blue ocean, and soft rains, the newest land on the planet and the heat and energy of Pele and her lava presence.
The Ti leaves have their own guardian.
The main house over looking the lawn.
The ohana in all her early morning light and flowers. There is nothing like waking up with the sunrise flooding the room and the colors of the sky over the ocean.
The flowers are just so pretty. Everything grows here with the abundant sun and lovely rains.

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