Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 2010 - Almost Finished

Big House

So my thoughts and emotions have finally distilled down enough that I can try to share them after my trip to see the finished house for the first time.
The house has turned out fabulously! Better than my wildest dreams (which it is one!)

arriving at the Bamboo House

The house 'talks' to you all day as the metal roof heats up and cools off with the sun, the clouds and the tradewinds.

Lovely sunrise

It's hard to move yourself off the lanai to get anything done at all.

verdant green

I found my perfect spot, gazing off at the ever-changing blue sea in the distance.

sweetgrass in vase

Comfortable and serene, the sun and breeze move through the house all day making it feel as one with the surrounding natural world.

Bamboo House and lava rock wall

Landscaping will be an on-going project, but the lawn and small kitchen gardens around the house will be in and growing soon. We are planting fruit trees of all kinds (banana, citrus, coconut, avocado, lychee, guava, rambutan.... the list goes on.... as we can grow everything tropical). We are planting some beautiful bamboo and other trees, as well as ti plants to discreetly screen the water tank and a few other areas. We are working on the ornamental gardens so there will be all those gorgeous and fragrant Hawaiian flowers and colorful beauties!

Solar panels are the next project and as soon as they're up we should be ready to rent!
Sometime in November is my latest guess.

Can't wait for you all to share the dream and come to stay at the Bamboo House.

Good Night from the Bamboo House

Hopefully it will be a place for you to discover your dreams as well.

Aloha, Catherine

All photos are from our most up-to-date slideshow on Flickr

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